What is CyberTronChain?

Note: As CTC is developing we are releasing more and more information on a daily basis. We encourage all users to continue to check back at our company daily and feel free to contact us at any time.

A way to earn more while you spend

CyberTronChain delivers the Most Important Crypto-backed Point-of-sale and Cashback system, thus helping the world to spend less and get more. Currently no alternatives existed for digital asset owners purchase goods online and in person using a cryptocurrency that actually rewards them to shop.

Our extremely unique business model helps us to give grand discounts to shoppers who spend using our token CyberTronChain (CTC). We also allow for an unprecedented amount of tokens to be given back to the users as rewards.

Cashback Program

CyberTronChain has launched the CyberTronChain Cashback Program which is built on blockchain technology. This will allow consumers and merchants to transform how they connect with each other by providing a cashback program with true value.

Tracking and utilization of the CTC Cashback Program will be seamless with CyberTronChain’s Digital Wallet & CyberTronChain’s Point-of-sale systems.